Purpose Driven Career Change Coaching

There is an innate impulse in the human spirit to want to align with and live the integrity of our True Nature.

As a career coach, an increasing number of executives and professionals are telling me that their job search opens up very real ethical explorations for them personally and professionally.

Most of us want our careers to be an expression of our essential values. We are longing for our work to be generating real solutions and meeting real needs. We want to be part of life’s regeneration – not the extraction of it.

If we work in an organisation that is not aligned with our essential values, it creates a lot of stress in our system. 

When we don’t live true to our values, we come out of integrity with our soul.  Over time this can dilute our sense of self, our vitality, and our sense of meaning because the soul is an inherent and essential aspect of our whole person reality, and wellbeing. 

We can be doing all the wellness programs in the world, but if we are not living true to our essence, and being in service to the dignity and wellbeing of the whole, we won’t experience the vitality that comes from real inner nourishment.

When clients come to me and tell me they’re looking to transition to life sustaining work I first guide them towards aligning with the integrity and guidance of their Higher Self. Aligned with our essence, we are also more receptive to receiving and defining the values we will choose to live by.

I engage clients with this piece of work before we get into any strategic or tactical career change coaching practicalities. 

Most people engage my services to transition to a new approach to earning ones livelihood that is not ‘business-as-usual’ and to do so we first need to reassess our underlying attitude about whom our career is here to serve. 

I coach clients to identify your highest intention for your work, and then offer your career to Source (or whatever pointing name you refer to the Divine/Higher Power)… and offer your career to be used in service. 

There is a high cost to pay if we don’t take this initial time to enter into alignment with our highest intention for our career.

If we approach our job change from a place of personal gain, purely for our benefit, we place ourselves at the centre, rather than Source, then our work will be limited by the individualistic intention that we bring to it.

As with any true calling, the first step is to realise – it is not about me. 

It is about listening inwardly with curiosity and sensing into what the Source of life wants to live through you for the good of the whole, which naturally includes ourselves. 

A real work vocation/calling/dharma/right livelihood is something we receive. It doesn’t arise out of a wilful ego perspective. There is a dance of listening, willingness and participation that is needed, rather than trying to lead our career transition in a heavy handed way. 

In real mindfulness we become aware of the silent dimension of being from which all of life originates, and this practice is always engaged with for the benefit of all. 

The journey of right livelihood is unique and individual for each person. 

Some peoples life situation requires them, at least for the time being, to continue working in corporations that are still serving the life destructive over-consumption agenda.

Knowing we need unity across the sectors to serve with the transition to a life regenerating society, many of these professionals are working to bring in as much light in possible into these organisatons. Some are serving diversity, equality and inclusion initiatives. Others are working to transition the corporation they work in to a more wholesome co-operative model, or to influence their leaders and CSR initiatives to redistribute more of their corporations’ profits to grass-root organisations that are genuinely regenerating local ecologies and communities.

Some clients who come to me have reached a point where they feel they are compromising their soul vitality by staying in their current organisation, and are urgently looking for a new job – especially if these organisations aren’t living true to their climate and social equality responsibilities.

Many of these people are looking to transition their jobs to work in organisations that are directly in service to a life sustainable future such as climate action, biodiversity, humanitarian, circular local economies, earth rights, technology 4 good, or holistic health.

Others are budding social entrepreneurs who are looking to create new forms of service work that enables them to package their unique gifts and expertise into a business construct that empowers them to be in service to others, while also earning a dignified livelihood.

Every client I coach is unique, and I tailor my approach to the needs and goals of each person. As a coach, I’m notoriously pragmatic. I help you to discover, clarify, and align with the outcomes you tell me you want to achieve, while engaging you in process of self discovery to facilitate a work transition that is unique and right for you.

I deliver a range of services that support you to make informed decisions about the trajectory of your career. I also provide expert guidance on the tools you can use to empower yourself to meet your goals.

I invite you to identify your personal priorities so that you are taking into account your unique life responsibilities, financial situation, family commitments, location, the jobs market, and the best timing for you to move.

I support you to identify your strengths and transferrable skills, along with any gaps you may have now which can be bridged to support you in your new role.

This work is very much connected with your instincts, your intuition, and especially your common sense!

For professionals who are looking to change jobs I offer coaching on the themes of job transition strategy, CV and cover letter guidance, interview preparation, and offer negotiation.

With the clients who are ready and committed to live their career calling, I also engage a transformational coaching approach.

Our inner and outer worlds are a reflection of each other, and there is more often than not an inner integration process that needs to unfold to allow one to more fully step into alignment.

I tell all my clients that it can take time to transition to the right livelihood you long for, and that it is as much of an inner as an outer journey.  I bring an awareness based approach to coaching on themes here that include consciousness evolution, shadow work, and self empowerment. 

Some peoples seeds are already ripe and ready to blossom, while many others have seeds of right livelihood that need to be sown in the ground for a few years before they are fully ready to open out into life. Just as nature has its own cycles and rhythms, so does our soul have its timing – every person is unique.  

The people I’m best able to serve are high performers in their careers, have a genuine impulse towards service, and are committed to becoming more of the change they want to see in our world.

Changing jobs/careers is a big decision, but it’s also an exciting one! As you research and explore, enjoy this time and be kind with yourself.

This time of global crisis presents many opportunities for mission-led people to unite together and co-create redemptive life sustaining work together. I look forward to walking with you as we work together with grace for a more beautiful, kind, equitable world for future generations to come.