career Change Consultancy

We help you navigate a values driven career transition

Fáilte, welcome to Croíadh, a right livelihood career change consultancy. If you’re a purpose driven professional looking to make a job or career change that’s more aligned with your values – you are in the right place.  

The Croíadh Career Change Navigation Framework™ helps you gain the clarity and confidence to navigate a meaningful career transition, while cultivating greater levels of vitality.  

Founder, Lynda Morrissey is an international career and leadership coach with a 13+ year global recruitment consultancy career serving in some of the worlds leading human rights, humanitarian, environmental protection, and United Nations founded organisations.  

Our career transition planning strategy blends some of the worlds leading modalities in career change consultancy, transformational coaching with neuroscience, personal development, holistic wellness, and mindfulness somatics. 

This coaching program is for you if:

  • You are unhappy with your current job situation and thinking of changing it.
  • You are feeling that your current job, role, or industry is not aligned with your values. 
  • Your current job lacks meaning, satisfaction and/or financial reward.
  • You want to save time and avoid making the most common mistakes most career changers make.
  • You want a proven career strategy framework to help you navigate the most common stages of a career transition. 

Our online coaching services are bespoke and tailored to meet your unique requirements, including: 

  • Purpose Driven Career Change Navigation

    High impact career change consultancy services for values centred professionals

  • High Impact Job Transition Strategy

    High impact job search strategy, Resume/CV & linkedIn professional branding, and mental performance coaching

  • Interview Preparation Coaching

    Empower your interview preparation with executive coaching and mock interview practicing

  • Professional Resume/CV Review

    Resume CV/Review for a targeted and tailored job application

  • Transformational Coaching

    Cultivate greater levels of self-mastery, personal development and conscious leadership skills.

  • Cultivate Holistic Wellbeing

    Cultivate optimal levels of vitality and wellbeing as you navigate your career transition

  • Executive Coaching for Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Professionals

    Expert 1:1 mentoring and coaching for recruitment managers and resourcing business partners

Lynda Morrissey, Founder

Croíadh holds a vision where everyone worldwide is granted the opportunities to thrive in the dignity of meaningful service for the regeneration of our communities, ecology, and society.

We are a business that declares a climate emergency. We peacefully resist the racial injustice, social inequalities, and ecocide that are rooted in a denial of our belonging to each other.

We are a charity partner to International Peace Initiatives, a grass-root organisation based in Kenya, Africa.  For more information on this charity feel welcome to see our Vision and Values page. 


What Clients Are Saying

“I had a one-to-one coaching session with Lynda prior to my final interview for my ideal job which involved a career pivot. My interview required a sharp presentation outlining the first 30/60/90 days in the role. Lynda made my preparation seamless. She revealed all my blind spots, fortified my confidence, and massively contributed to me securing the base salary that I know I'm worth - and I did! Thanks again Lynda. Well worth the investment, and more!”

IT Talent consultant, Cork, Ireland

“Lynda, in a short amount of time you have brought us so much fresh insight and energy! Your presence has been such a positive influence for us. Look forward to the next phase of our work together."

Executive Director, humanitarian Charity, London, United Kingdom

“I had three coaching sessions with Lynda in advance of my first and second stage job interviews. Each session was very helpful. Lynda helped me to take a structured approach to my interview preparation, and supported me to draw out my strengths, skills, achievements, and experience in a way that was authentic and empowering. Lynda shared lots of insider recruitment and interviewing tips that significantly improved my performance at both interviews. I'm thrilled to let you know I secured the job! Thank you, Lynda."

Health and safety consultancy and firefighter, cork, Ireland

“Lynda is an extremely competent and capable consultant. She listened well to the brief and conducted investigations into issues with tact and diplomacy. She is a pleasure to work with and fitted into the team very easily. Lynda was self sufficient and efficient, she provided updates to the agreed schedule and completed the project on time to an excellent standard. Summary would simply be highly recommend!"

People and culture director, leading uk Charity, London, United Kingdom

“Lynda coached me to take care for my wellbeing when I was going through a difficult time with the menopause. Lynda guided me to look after myself from self love. This was a real shift for me. It softened me and helped me to let go a lot of the resistance I didn't realise I had been feeling towards my body because of my health challenges. I had 5 sessions with Lynda, and left each one feeling more empowered and resourced to keep to my goals. I became much more fit and healthy, and gained a lot more energy! My husband and daughter have noticed a real difference in how much better I am feeling within myself. Lynda's joy is infectious. She knows how to meet you where you are, and uplift you too. I'm recommending Lynda to all my friends!"

public administration manager, cork, Ireland