Croíadh’s vision is for a peaceful, just and beautiful world where all in our local and global communities may thrive in service to the earth and humanity. 

Recruitment management consultancy and career change coaching stands at the heart of our work. We also acknowledge that a sustainable future will only be reached when every living being in our one human family are given equal opportunities to live their potential and gifts.


Our values guide our work and are expressed and advanced through the daily practice of mindful awareness living which:

  • Stands for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: We celebrate the uniqueness, diversity and belonging of every living being. We engage in radical self reflection and social engagement to co-create a more just world.  We commit to using our platform to raise the voices of individuals who are under-represented. 
  • Emerges from an Awareness of our Inter-Being With Each Other: We commit to acting from an awareness of our interconnectedness with one another and with the planet. 
  • Respects the Triple Bottom Line: We are a self-sustaining social purpose business. We aspire to always honour the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit in our decision making processes. 
  • Fosters an Ever-Growing Mind-Set: We embrace life-long learning over perfection. We engage in continued professional development from the worlds leading experts to continue to expand and inform the services we offer to our valued clients. 
  • Respects our Ethical Responsibility to the Earth. We commit as a business to living true to our ecological responsibilities to the Earth. We recognise the Earth’s sentience, intelligence, and sovereignty. We are a member of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature. 

Croíadh’s values are: Service, Excellence, Reverence, Integrity, Belonging, Inclusion, Compassion, Wholeness, and Fun. 


We exist to re-distribute some of our profits to empowering projects in areas that have been affected the most by colonial exploitation, climate injustice, and the social inequalities generated by our globalised neoliberal economic system, and the world-view of separation and desacralisation that underpins this economic system. 

Herein, we are partnered with International Peace Initiatives, a visionary grass-root charity in Kenya, Africa who are working systemically to regenerate their local community and ecology, while empowering the next generation of values-led young leaders.

International Peace Initiatives. IPI is a charity based in Kenya that builds a new generation of leaders through peace and ethical leadership programs, while also providing for the needs of children affected by HIV/AIDS. 

Founded and led by Dr. Karambu Ringera, IPI also empowers women living with HIV/AIDS and survivors of violence with tools and resources to move from poverty into sustainability and to build resilient, regenerative and thriving communities.  A key initiative is IPI’s Kithoka Amani Community Home (KACH) which provides a loving home, nourishment, whole person empowerment initiatives, education, and wellness resources to currently over 60 vibrant children.

For more information, click here: International Peace Initiatives