Eco-Regeneration Leadership Consultancy

The increasing climate challenges we face are systemic in scale. The work that is needed today is multi faceted and multi-generational.

It requires greater unity and participation from every sector in society to enable us to navigate the challenging times ahead with our values in tact, while planting seeds for a liveable future for all. 

One of the United Nations resolutions is Harmony with Nature. 

My eco-regeneration consultancy work could be summarised as this: 
I support organisations, leaders, creatives, and change makers to restore a living relationship of Peace, Regeneration, and Harmony with Nature.

Restoring Harmony with Nature is the foundation of all real and long term transformational eco-sustainability. This work is in service to the dignity and wellbeing of the whole of existence, especially to the Earth, and our past, present and future generations of people and wildlife.

I have had the great honour and joy over the last couple of years to bring forward a number of systemic eco-regeneration initiatives into a collaboration I’ve been involved in with Irelands leading cultural sporting organisation – through the GAA’s National Green Clubs Programme.

I introduced a series of systemic initiatives into the Green Clubs Programme’s existing multi partnership tree planting project that is planting and growing 100,000 native trees across the whole Island of Ireland.

These initiatives have served our organisation to restore Harmony with Nature, while also further powering us to transition to becoming a sporting organisation for climate action, culture regeneration, and eco-sustainability in a way that is aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

This is a grass root community initiative, and its success is down to the visionary leaders of the GAA’s Green Clubs Programme, their fantastic partnerships, and all in our clubs who have been participating at a local level.

My mission is to take the principles of eco-regeneration that I initiated here here into other conscientious organisations, groups, and leaders.

We are living in a time of transition from being societies that just extract from the earths resources, to becoming agents for right relationship and regeneration with Nature. 

In times of real transition like the one we are currently in, there is a liminal in-between moment.

There are a number of invitations present to us at this liminal time, including become more at ease with knowing and unknowing, and allowing ourselves to fully let the reality of the climate emergency enter our consciousness so that we are more aligned with the present moment from which creative life regenerating action can have greater possibilities to emerge.  

This is a time for us to reconnect with our essence, and bring reconciliation and regeneration into our relationship with the earth, and with each other.

Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

In my coaching work, I support leaders and change makers toiling with life’s evolutionary impulse to evolve our human consciousness in a way that also increases our possibilities to generate wholistic pathways for systemic sustainability that is in service to the dignity and well-being of the whole.

My consultancy work is done up-stream, addressing the root cause of the crises present in our world which is the inner orientation from which we are being, living, making decisions, and acting.

I work with people who are willing to engage in the critical inner transformational work that is needed for us to intentionally and deliberately move away from “business-as-usual” responses. I help to plant seeds that foster orientations of heart and mind that aligns us with new ways of being. 

There is an evolutionary imperative for each of us to transition away from a human-centred societal paradigm, to become an Earth-centred society that is living true to an awareness of our interbeing with the Earth and with each other as one interdependent community.

As part of this transition, we are invited to remember that we are Earths citizens, and that we all have real gifts, responsibilities, and a role to play in service to our belonging to each other.

No evolutionary shift can happen unless we move away from individualistic and nationalistic values, towards values that support our shared existence as one Earth community.

Real long lasting individual and societal transformational change is a long and slow process, but we can plant seeds now to gently nurture along the process, and this is what my work is about.

Through a series of awareness talks, pointers, and practices I work with the essence of individuals to help sow seeds to support the transition.

When these seeds are nurtured by each individual over time they have the potential to serve a shift into a heart centred awareness which offers greater possibilities to allow life’s innate regenerating impulse to work through us. 

This creative impulse is always adding something new to life that was not there before.

There is a degree of receptivity, listening, humility, and willingness that is needed by participants engaging in this work. If we try to lead regeneration or change making initiatives in a will-full heavy handed way, we will significantly limit the possibilities that can emerge.

Likewise, if we avoid feeling and alchemising the grief that naturally arises when we become more attuned to hearing the cry of the earth in our hearts, our avoidance will only serve to perpetuate responses from a more rational level, which again is limiting.

This liminal time we live in invites us to take responsibility for what we have co-created up to now, prior to us individually and collectively awakening to our ecological responsibilities.

I engage a framework that emphasises 5 R’s of right relationship which include respect, responsibility, repair, reciprocity, and regeneration. This framework deepens the bonds of kinship and co-creation with Nature and is in service to a more life sustaining future for all.

It is from our hearts inner alignment with relational integrity, harmony, and grace that we can become more receptive to creative new approaches.  

I invite clients to feel into lifes’ regenerating impulse, which is at one with the earths innate intelligence and creativity, and sense in with curiosity to listen to what this impulse from the Source of Life wants to live through us. 

In real mindfulness we become aware of the silent dimension of being from which life originates, and we always engage this practice as an offering in service to the whole.

The challenges of the times we live in call us to connect with our inner nobility, unity, and love for the earth we share.

I empower organisations and change makers with the fundamentals of eco-regeneration thought leadership in a way that is tailored to each client, factoring into account your unique vision, mission, values, culture, history, location, and longing.

Eco regeneration is a form of peace work. Our human made climate emergency has already created resource pressures that are a silent factor behind the acceleration of many of our worlds conflicts, social crises, and divisions.

In the words of the Lakota Elder, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, there can be no peace on Earth unless there is also peace with Earth. 

When working for regeneration, Earth Rights and Climate Justice go hand in hand. The initial effects of the climate emergency have been principally felt by those who contributed least to the crisis, and whose human rights protections are already insufficient.

For peace to be fostered for all, we each have a role to play. Peace is not a destination.

Instead, we can choose to embrace an ever deepening journey of living every more aligned with the peace of our true nature, and Divine willing, working with grace to transform our hearts to become instruments of peace and regeneration.

This work of eco-regeneration is a long term multi-generational Trust and adventure that offers many opportunities to co-create more harmony and beauty in our world, while building greater resilience in our communities now to prepare for the challenging times ahead.

As we work together for and with nature, many of us are experiencing that our hearts are being re-birthed into a new experience of love and community.

We are being innately and wondrously woven ever more deeply into our belonging with each other, and with our relatives in the more than human world.

If you are a leader, creative, or change maker and would like to find out more about my consultancy and coaching services feel very welcome to get in touch, I’m here for you.